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Thursday August 02, 2007

EDRO DynaWash 


washer-extractors have a proven history of performance you can trust.  These rugged, reliable workhorses provide exceptional laundering results with minimum operating costs.  They feature highly efficient motors and drives, accurate programmable computer controls and robust construction.

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The EDRO DynaWash Open Pocket Rigid Mount range is available in 40 (18 kg), (60 (27 kg), 100 (45 kg) and 140 (64 kg) pound models.

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NX40 Specifications
NX60 Specifications

NX100 Specifications
NX140 Specifications

Typical installations include the "On-Premise Laundry" (OPL), Hospitality, Healthcare, Dry-Cleaning & Wet-Cleaning, Industrial and Uniform Rental, and Prison markets.

The EDRO DynaWash Open Pocket Rigid Mount range is available in 100 (45 kg), 125 (57 kg) and 250 (114 kg) pound models.  All DX_SM models feature DynaMount Suspension:  reverse loaded, heavy duty coil springs mounted in a steel reinforced column superstructure with strategically placed gas tuned shock absorbers to minimize the transmission of vibration.

For Detail Product Specifications, select a model below:

DX100SM Specifications
DX125SM Specifications
DX250SM Specifications

Typical installations include the "On-Premise Laundry" (OPL), Hospitality, Industrial and Uniform Rental, and Prison markets.

In hospitals, nursing homes, and clean rooms wherever soiled, and possibly contaminated, linen must be isolated from clean linen, PassThru washer-extractors provide the necessary safe separation.  Soiled linen is loaded into the machine from one side . . . clean linen is removed from the machine on the other side.  Thus, cross-contamination is avoided.

Typical Clean Room Laundry Layout

EDRO DynaWash PassThru models feature a new Clean Seal design.  Built flush against the sides of the Clean Seal, the new design provides total separation of loading and unloading operations with better, easier installation.  An uninterrupted flow of positive make-up air from the clean room side to the soiled room side is continually flowed through the machine while in operation, preventing cross-contamination of the load.

EDRO DynaWash PassThru washer-extractor have all the outstanding features that make all EDRO washer-extractors extraordinary machines in design, construction and performance. They feature the patented "3-D" basket design which assures the ideal wash action for outstanding laundering results.

Stainless steel, used for the basket, shaft and shell wrap assures long life.  An interlocking door system prevents both doors from being opened at the same time. A smart control system prevents simultaneous soiled room and clean room operation of the machine. The Programmable Computer Control is located on the washroom (loading) side.  Forward and reverse jog controls, as well as signal and emergency stop switches are located on the unloading side.

Typical installations include hospitals, nursing homes, and clean room laundries.  With the increasing demand of computer components, we have most recently installed machines in clean room laundries of microprocessor and semi-conductor production plants.

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DW100PT & DW100PTSM Specifications
DW150PT & DW150PTSM Specifications
DW200PT & DW200PTSM Specifications
DW300PTSM Specifications
DW400PTSM Specifications

DynaWash three pocket end loading washer-extractors from EDRO Corporation represent the best value in the laundry market todayThe initial investment and remarkably low operating costs, drive down your cost of ownership.  Yet, DynaWash washer-extractors feature battleship tough Industrial Strength construction, top quality parts and components and a machine design proven efficient and effective in laundry operations throughout the world.

DynaWash feature the patented "3-D" basket design which assures the ideal wash action for outstanding laundering results.

Using the links below, you can quickly view detailed machinery specifications:

DW100 & DW100SM Specifications
DW150 & DW150SM Specifications
DW200 & DW200SM Specifications
DW300 & DW300SM Specifications
DW400 & DW400SM Specifications

Functionally designed
for highest productive efficiency
and operating economy.

No washer-extractor manufacturer has more experience in the shipboard and marine industry than EDRO Corporation. EDRO DynaWash washer-extractors are the brand of choice for naval and commercial vessel main shipboard laundries throughout the world. With such prestigious clients as the U.S. Navy and Carnival Corporation, EDRO has developed an unprecedented list of shipboard and marine installations including the latest in the Nimitz class, CNV-76 USS Ronald Reagan, the world's most formidable nuclear powered air craft carrier, as well as the world's largest cruise ship line, the "Fun Ships" of Carnival Cruise Lines.

EDRO DynaWash washer-extractors are tough, reliable workhorses for laundries which need to produce a clean wash at lowest cost.  Shipboard and Marine models operate with either fixed formula microprocessor or PLC, or programmable computer controls for exact formula repeatability to deliver outstanding quality.  The precise function of the controls save on chemical usage, while the patented machine design saves on occupied machine space and water consumption.

The U.S. Navy utilizes EDRO DynaWash
60 to 200 pound capacity three pocket washer-extractors for shipboard laundries.  These applications range from a single 100 pound capacity machine or two 60 pound capacity machines on small surface combatants to one 60 pound, two 100 pound and six 200 pound capacity machines on aircraft carriers.


The equipment installed on aircraft carriers provide laundry service for up to 6,000 personnel on a daily basis.  During a standard six month deployment, aircraft carrier laundries will operate 16 to 20 hours per day, six or seven days a week, and process nearly 150,000 pounds of laundry a week.  Since deployment schedules may require Naval Ships to remain at sea for sustained periods, it is imperative laundry operations remains at 100 percent capacity.  The inability to provide efficient laundry service due to equipment down time has a sever detrimental effect on ship's force morale.

EDRO DynaWash washer-extractors are predominant on both east and west coast air craft carriers in addition to amphibious and surface combatants.  To get more information on our 20, 60, 100, 150 and 200-pound capacity U.S. Navy shipboard approved washer-extractors, visit our Navy Shipboard Washer-Extractor page.

Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America, Costa Crociere, Crystal Cruises and Cunard represent a sample of the growing number of cruise lines whose laundry requirements benefit from the exceptional performance of EDRO DynaWash
washer-extractors.  The overall compact design of the machine, thanks to the patented "3-D" basket, allows for larger capacity machines in smaller spaces, while the three pocket design prevents tangling and bundling of bed and table linens.  Carnival's latest creation, Cunard's Queen Mary II, will debut in January, 2004.  As the largest cruise ship ever constructed, the Queen Mary II will serve the transatlantic market with the widest variety of luxury amenities and facilities aboard any oceangoing vessel.  The ship's main laundry feature new Water Reuse Ready EDRO DynaWash washer-extractors with a through put capacity of over 3,300 pounds per hour.  The main laundry processes all table and bed linen on the ship, as well as bath towels, pool towels, ship's personnel uniforms and other miscellaneous goods.  The three pocket DynaWash washer-extractors are preferred for this application due to their ability to minimize the tangling and bundling of linens, the high quality wash results, and overall compact machine design.


Complete line of fast drying tumbler dryers fully compatible with DynaWash washer-extractors.

Available from 50 to 190-pound capacity, these fast drying tumbler dryers match up perfectly with the entire range of DynaWash Industrial Strength washer-extractors.  Models are available with the simple microprocessor control and in gas, steam and electric versions.

DynaDryer tumbler dryers feature:
Diagnostic Microprocessor Control
Produces consistent and accurate drying cycles.

Heavy-Duty Design
Features the classic all welded jacket.

No-Sag, No-Snag Basket
Extruded basket perforations for added strength and protection for delicate fabrics.

Extra Wide Door
Effortless loading and unloading.

Stainless Steel Burners
Evaporates water fast for thorough, efficient drying.


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