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Thursday August 02, 2007

Water Treatment

Water Treatment Hamilton Engineering produces a complete line of water treatment equipment. With initial Municipal and City water treatment methods creating more and more water heating problems nationwide, the need for water treatment or adapted hot water system design is greater than ever. Hamilton answers that need with systems designed for the widely varying loads of many industries and applications.

Our basic softener system is a modular, failsafe design that meters the water flow rate and total consumption, minimizing waste of water and salt during slower demand periods. Hamilton's exclusive computerized system sizing and and design produces salt usage for regeneration of up to 45% less than traditional systems.

Hamilton's multi-tank softener system assures 100% softened water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with minimal affect on water pressure supply to the facility. This system only regenerates when the designated amount of water has passed through the system. By utilizing multiple resin tanks and a metered control system, there is always a supply of treated water available.

The Hamilton modular approach to system construction allows for service or removal of all major components - control heads, resin tanks etc - without shutting off the water supply to the building.

Hamilton Engineering, Inc. also produces a full line of filters, Reverse Osmosis and Deionized water treatment systems.

Hamilton's line of water treatment equipment will handle water flow rates up to 620 gallons per minute and comes in single, double and triple tank designs.

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