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Thursday August 02, 2007

storage tanks

Storage Tanks

Hamilton Engineering's family of storage tanks are ideal for your hot water storage needs to 210F. These stock storage tanks are available in capacities from 80 gallons to 1000 gallons, insulated & un-insulated. For your custom storage needs, contact Hamilton Engineering; we manufacture tanks up to 5000 gallon storage capacity. All storage tanks are backed by Hamilton's Replacement Warranty.

Cement lined:

  • Fully cement lined to a total thickness of 1/2".
  • Unique tank design permits either vertical or horizontal storage applications.
  • Man way opening...each tank is equipped with an 11 x 15 service access.


  • Fully glass lined and fired at 1560F for complete fusion of glass to steel.
  • Multiple anode rods assure long tank life.


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