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Thursday August 02, 2007


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BARRICADE® Fire Blocking Gel is a revolutionary product that is changing the science of fire fighting and exposure protection. During recent years, the increasing number of out-of-control wildland/urban interface fires has made headlines around the world.  These challenging incidents, such as the devastating fires in California, Oklahoma, Colorado, Montana, Nevada and Florida have threatened lives and destroyed many homes, businesses and other structures.  Even more unfortunate is the fact that firefighters have been injured and killed in their valiant efforts to fight these monsters. BARRICADE® will finally allow us to control and extinguish these fires safely and effectively.

   BARRICADE has been tested and proven in the most severe firestorm conditions and is being lauded by firefighters, homeowners and government officials for saving millions of dollars worth of property.  BARRICADE was applied to some of the most severely threatened homes as the fires raced towards the community of Palm Coast on July 2, 1998.  Amazingly, every one of the BARRICADE treated homes stood completely undamaged after the firestorm passed.  Due to these historic results, the BARRICADE firefighters were invited to tour the area with then Governor Lawton Chiles and Florida State Fire Marshall Bill Nelson, who witnessed first hand the incredible scenes of these houses standing tall in the middle of the fire-ravaged landscape and untreated homes that were destroyed.  The BARRICADE firefighters received a well deserved hero's welcome by residents whose homes were saved.  In the aftermath, BARRICADE® has received world wide media attention, having been featured on World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, CBS This Morning, CNN, Discovery Channel, Real TV, ABC News Good Morning America, and many local stations throughout the country.  BARRICADE has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, Fire House Magazine, as well as many local news stories.  Most recently, John Bartlett, the inventor of BARRICADE®, was featured in People Magazine, and future stories are being prepared for the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and Dateline NBC.  BARRICADE has had similar successes in Montana, California, Idaho and Colorado. 

BARRICADE forms a unique thermal protective gel-coating that provides an amazing level of protection to structures, vehicles, fuel tanks, or any object from burning when exposed to fire.  BARRICADE protects against radiant heat, direct flame impingement, flying brands and burning embers.  BARRICADE has been specially formulated to adhere well to all exposed surfaces, including walls, overhangs, wood shake roofs, metal or fiberglass surfaces and even glass windows.  BARRICADE can be applied using the BARRICADE Atak Pak™, Quik Atak™  systems or standard foam eductors placed within 10 feet of the nozzle.  BARRICADE can also be applied by homeowners using our Home Owner Fire Defense System and a standard garden hose.  This user-friendly unit allows the homeowner to apply a long lasting coating, well in advance of an approaching wildland fire, to protect the home prior to evacuation from an endangered neighborhood.  This incredible ability will greatly reduce losses at a time when fire department resources may be stretched to their limit.

BARRICADE can be simply hosed off using plain water with a pressure nozzle.  If BARRICADE gel is left on the home for several days or if it has been exposed to extremely high temperatures it may be more difficult to remove.  We recommend spraying the residual BARRICADE with water to re-hydrate.  Once re-hydrated it will become easier to rinse off.  In worse case scenario, it may be necessary to pressure clean the home.  Remember, if BARRICADE® falls on hard surface such as concrete it can be very slippery, so please make your personal safety your highest priority.












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