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Thursday August 02, 2007

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Tank Type Water Heaters Hamilton manufactures tank type water heaters in gas (natural and LP) and electric fuel sources. Sizes range from small electric booster heaters to large volume electric water heaters and gas fired units from 65,000 to 725,000 BTU/hr. inputs.

Copper-Finned Tube Type Heaters Three different efficiency families make up this line ranging from 81% to 88% with 96% in the final design stages to become our fourth family. We have both the conventional atmospheric fired and pressurized combustion style as well. Inputs range from 45,000 to 3,100,000 BTU/hr.

Storage Tanks Hamilton's steel storage tank line ranges from 80 to 5,000 gallon in glass, epoxy or cement lined. We also have a limited size range of fiberglass/poly "Forever" tanks from 120 gallon to 1,000 gallon and a few sizes of stainless steel insulated and jacketed storage tanks.

Pre-Plumbed Packages All of our water heating and steam systems are available completely factory pre-piped, and knocked down for shipping for ease of field installation. 

Condensate and Steam Fired Water Heating Equipment Hamilton's condensate and steam fired water heating systems range from instantaneous to packaged tank with shell and tube heat exchangers to tank mounted systems. This family of our product line begins with "The Eliminator" which is available in eight different stock models.  

Water Treatment Systems With initial Municipal and City water treatment methods creating more and more water heating problems nationwide, the need for water treatment in heated water is greater than ever. Hamilton answers that need with systems designed for the widely varying loads of the hot water systems we produce.  

Odd Water, Hot Water System The Hamilton "Odd Water System" is designed for areas with poor water quality; above 15 grains of hardness with a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of 400 ppm or more and or chemically aggressive water.


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