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Thursday August 02, 2007


Dexter has built commercial and industrial grade products since 1894.

Key Benefits

  • Engineering Excellence
  • Superior Duty and Efficiency
  • Experience: "As old as dirt in the Laundry Business" 

B & C Technologies

B&C Technologies exists to reduce your cost and improve your profits.

Key Benefits

  • Have you seen the fantastic line of B&C washer-extractors? Featuring both freestanding and hardmount machines from 30 to 450 pound capacities, our washer-extractors provide power and economy for your laundry.
  • Check out our full line of B&C dryers. With 30 through 325 pound capacities, our dryers fit almost any need!
  • B&C ironers provide the finishing power that adds the final touch to your flat goods. From small single rolls to industrial four roll ironers, the B&C line has what you need for your laundry.

EDRO DynaWash

Since 1954, EDRO has developed sales in many laundry markets, but is best known as a leading supplier of marine and Navy shipboard laundry washer-extractors.

Key Benefits

  • EDRO DynaWash washer-extractors have a proven history of performance you can trust.
  • Complete line of fast drying tumbler dryers fully compatible with DynaWash washer-extractors.
  • DynOzone - DynaWash Ozone System is a revolutionary washer-extractor that combines a built-in, on-board activated oxygen generator with a high speed machine for markedly improved washroom efficiencies.

CMV Sharper Finish

CMV Sharper Finish builds its reputation by providing customers worldwide with simple and efficient commercial laundry ironers. 

Key Benefits

  • The range of our products (over 100 different models made) is difficult to find elsewhere.
  • Complete line of fast drying tumbler dryers fully compatible with DynaWash washer-extractors.
  • We specialize in the manufacture of cylinder type ironers used in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, clubs, rental companies, ships, households, and commercial laundries.



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