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Thursday August 02, 2007

Pre-Plumbed Packages

Pre-PlumbedHamilton Helps You Get It Right The First Time
Now you can take the hassle and added cost out of water heating system installations. A Hamilton Engineering pre-plumbed package comes complete with all the piping (and stands where applicable) you need for system assembly. When planning your water heater installation, let Hamilton help you choose the package that best suits your application.

This avoids the problems and delays associated with custom fitted plumbing and assures you of the highest quality, all copper installation. The unions and flanges are color coded, and a typical installation takes less than one hour. You'll get it right the first time with a Hamilton Engineering pre-plumbed package...and you'll save time and money, too. (photo at right is the Horizontal Mini-Stack)

Stack Pack

  • Designed for two water heaters and one or more storage tanks
  • Doubles the BTU output and provides redundancy in the space of one heater
  • Available in end-to-end and side-to-side configurations

Mini Stack / Mini Stack II

  • Designed for one water heater and one or more storage tanks
  • Uses the same space as upright heaters, but has better efficiency and triple the service life
  • Mini Stack II ships completely assembled
Pre-PlumbedHorizontal Mini Stack
  • Lowest possible height and least possible floor space system using one or more heaters with a horizontal tank
Reverse Mini Stack
  • Fits low ceiling heights while maintaining tank in a vertical position
Side to Side
  • Compact arrangement for minimum floor space and maximum access - Fits well in square spaces
End to End
  • Fits narrow spaces such as corridors while preserving good service access

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