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Thursday August 02, 2007


Odd Water, Hot Water System  Odd Water

The Hamilton "Odd Water System" is designed for areas with poor water quality; above 15 grains of hardness with a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of 400 ppm or more and or chemically aggressive water. This system greatly extends the life of the water heating system while maintaining high efficiency. 

Hard Water generally means high maintenance or shortened life of conventional water heating systems, not with the "Odd Water System". This system uses a high quality stianless steel brazed plate heat exchanger to heat the poor quality water, protecting the water heater. 

High Efficiency
Hamilton's highly efficient design only fires when there is a need for heat in the storage tank, eliminating the high stand-by heat losses associated with other similar systems.

Compact Design
Utilizing the latest design and manufacturing techniques in high performance stainless steel heat exchangers provides a system footprint no greater than a conventional Hamilton water heating system.

Low NOx Emissions
Using the state of the art burner and control echnology found in the V-Tube and Multi-Tube II Product lines, the "Odd Water" systems produce NOx ratings far below even pending government standards.

The new Hamilton modular approach to system construction allows for service or removal of all major components including the heat exchanger, pump(s) or boiler, without shutting off the hot water side of the water supply to the building.

Models and sizes
Hamilton's line of "Odd Water Systems" range from 90,000 BTU/hr - 4,140,000 BTU/hr with storage capacities from 80 gallons to 3,000 gallons.