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Thursday August 02, 2007

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Commercial / Coin Laundry Solutions

Dexter offers the self service laundry owner a complete solution. Our equipment is engineered for laundry owners demanding higher performance and improved profitability. Click on each product to learn more.


Stacked Units



Express Washers


Commercial Washers

T-400 T-900 T-1200 T-600 T-300
Dexter A-Series washers are specifically engineered for the laundry owner demanding greater efficiency, performance and marketing capabilities. All washers are available with coin drops, programmable coin drops or integrated Easy Card. Every Dexter machine includes infa-red communications, programming capabilities and advanced marketing features like Plus Cycle. Click on each product to learn more.
T-300 Express T-650 Express T-400 Express
Exactly how powerful are Dexter Express Washers? Dexter Express Washers extract with a G-Force of 200. This is means that Dexter Express Washers remove water with 200 times the force of gravity! This added power will save you money by removing more water and decreasing drying energy. As a result, our T-300 Express and T-400 Express Models are both Energy Star™ and CEE™ certified. Ask your local utility company about available rebates on Energy Star™ and CEE™ washers and how these certified products can save you money on your utility bills! Click on each product to learn more.
SWD-400 Express

Commercial Dryers

T-80 T-55 T-30
Dexter Coin operated dryers are designed the same way industrial dryers are manufactured to ensure superior drying performance. Fully perforated drums combined with just the right amount of B.T.U. content have earned Dexter the reputation of having the industry’s hottest dryers. Available in 30, 30 stacked, 55, and 80 lb capacities with natural gas and liquid petroleum.


Dexter developed the Stack Washer/Dryer Express for laundry owners needing maximum laundry power with limited space. With a 25-30 pound (11.3-13.6 kg) capacity, only the Dexter Stack Washer/Dryer Express can produce a triple load of laundry from dry-to-dry in less than one hour.

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