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Thursday August 02, 2007

Copper-Finned Style
Water Heaters and Boilers


Using copper as the heart of a water heater or boiler is an idea that has been put into practice for well over a century. Every one of Hamilton's copper-finned heat exchangers is constructed of seven fin per inch extruded fin copper tubing providing 9 times as much heat transfer as the bare copper tubing used a century ago.

Hamilton takes this highly efficient, long-lasting heat exchanger and makes it into one of three families of water heaters and boilers. All of our families include the following design characteristics:
(photo at top is the Hamilton V-Tube)

Compact Design - Utilizing many of the latest manufacturing techniques available, all products are designed and produced with a focus on floor space requirements.

Ceramic Fiber Tile Combustion Chamber - This space-age material (yes, it's the same as that used on the space shuttle) replaces the pre-cast concrete combustion chambers of yesteryear (and our competitors). This material reflects the heat, making it usable energy instead of wasted energy. The result is higher operating efficiencies and less stand-by heat loss!

Serviceability - The new Hamilton modular construction allows for removal of all major components including gas train, burner(s) and heat exchanger, without disturbing cabinet or vent integrity. Plug-in electronics complete the latest in modular design.

The three current families of copper-finned products are:

Mini-Tube 82.5% efficiency. Atmospheric combustion, available with inputs ranging from 45,000 to 500,000 BTU/hr. Indoor installation only.

copper finnedMulti-Tube II 81% efficiency. Pressurized combustion available with inputs ranging from 495,000 to 2,065,000 BTU/h. Available for both indoor conventional vent or outdoor installation. Low NOx emissions, using the state of the art burner technology developed for our Mini line and sealed combustion technology developed for the V-Tube line, the new Multi-Tube-Tube II produces NOx ratings far below even pending government standards: 9.9 ppm corrected to 3% O2. (photo above is the Hamilton Mini-Tube)

V-Tube 85% efficiency. Pressurized combustion available with inputs ranging from 150,000 to 2,070,000 BTU/hr. Available for indoor conventional, vertical sealed or horizontal sealed vent or outdoor installation. They have the same low NOx emissions as our Multi-Tube II family. The V-Tube also features our Equa-Fire Burner Control System-

  • Staged firing to match the load.
  • Precise air and gas ratios at all inputs insure rated efficiency throughout the entire firing range.
  • Multiple firing chambers, gas valves, blowers and ignition systems.
  • Equa-Fire allows firing on low gas pressure or volume, up to the amount of gas available.
  • Total control redundancy is built right in!

100,000 to 300,000 BTU/hr

400,000 to 2,070,000 BTU/hr 





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