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Thursday August 02, 2007



BARRICADE® Quik AtakTM System

BARRICADE International is proud to introduce the 1¼ gallon container Quik Atak System, our latest application device for BARRICADE Fire Blocking Gel. The Quik Atak System can be put into action in less than 2 minutes and it is user friendly.

The Quik Atak nozzle is an end of the line application system that gives the firefighter mobility and flexibility. Simply connect the nozzle to the desired hose and attach the container of BARRICADE concentrate and you are ready to go. The operating pressure is 70 to 100 PSI at the nozzle. Your BARRICADE Quik Atak System comes complete with its own cleaning tool and instructions.


BARRICADE® Atak PakTM  System


The BARRICADE Atak Pak uses a soft canvas backpack and a specially engineered eductor/nozzle assembly to provide today's firefighters with an exciting new tool for fire suppression and exposure protection.  The Atak Pak is an end of the line application system that allows for flexibility, mobility and rapid deployment.  The BARRICADE Atak Pak easily adapts to any size fire hose and it can carry up to 5 gallons of BARRICADE concentrate.  The Atak Pak gives the firefighter the option of spraying BARRICADE Gel or using plain water.

BARRICADE® Fire Blocking Gel

BARRICADE concentrate contains super-absorbent polymers that, when combined with water, form a unique thermal protective gel that provides a high level of protection from radiant heat, flying embers and direct flame impingement.  Barricade fire blocking gel is ideal for fire suppression, exposure protection and creating wild land fire breaks.  BARRICADE is safe, non toxic and environmentally friendly.

Note: BARRICADE Fire Blocking Gel is available in five gallon case size and bulk containers.


BARRICADE® Atak PakTM Replacement Liner

The BARRICADE Atak Pak System comes complete with a disposable plastic liner that holds up to 5 gallons of BARRICADE concentrate.  The liner is easy to insert and remove and the fact that it is disposable allows for quick clean-up and return to service.